Can I buy Medicare Supplement insurance plan as I am under 65?

Federal laws are above all and there is no need for it to sell its Medicare supplement plans of insurance through a company. These plans are also referred to as MedSup or Medigap.  Yet, Medigap insurers under age 65 may be denied of a policy as you are under 65.  The right time of getting enrolled in the insurance plans of Medicare supplement is as the Medigap Open Enrollment Period opens. This is a period of six-month time that initiates on the very first day of the month that you turn 65 to get enrolled in Part B Medicare. In this time, you may join any Medigap plan available in your state, despite of your health issues.

Medical underwriting

The enrollment period is very important, but in case you missed the period, Medicare supplement plans have to get a medical underwriting exam that offers your medical history review. Based on the health issues, you may wind up your Medigap insurance for a higher price or you can be denied completely of the coverage.  The starting date of your Medicare supplement plans 2018 open enrollment period should not be delayed.

Guaranteed-issue rights

Guaranteed-issue rights are referred to as Medigap protections. These are guaranteed-issue rights that refer to certain situations such that the insurance companies provide you certain Medigap policies. There may be guaranteed-issue rights for you to join Medicare Supplement plans, in case you have Medicare Advantage plans and you are moving from the service area of the plan or in case the company providing policy is stopping giving care or leaving Medicare in your area.  When such things happen, you have all the right to buy Medigap (or Medicare Supplement plans) sold in your state. The Medigap insurance companies must cover your pre-existing health conditions, and cannot charge higher rates owing to existing health conditions.

You may have a trial right to try Part C of Medicare Advantage plan, despite having Part A and B Original Medicare in association with a Medigap policy. In case you arrive at a decision of disliking the Medicare Advantage plan, you are allowed to drop it and get back to the Original Medicare that has the Medigap coverage in association, but it should be done within a period of time, so that you are not penalized. If you are new and wish to know more about Medicare supplement plans and insurance types available in the area you live enter zip code and get to know.